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Hi MCA members.  Gary Lange here, sorry I didn’t post this list sooner.  I had some illness in the family and couldn’t get back to posting this list.  In case you didn’t know I’ll be speaking at the March 2nd meeting about my adventures in Papua (New Guinea), specifically the seven new species of rainbowfish that we discovered in three trips to the island.  If you’re interested in obtaining some rainbowfish from me send me an email and pre-order them.  No shipping, delivery to the meeting only.  If you leave a PM I’ll probably not see it so please use the email below.  If you are interested email me right away.  I will need to know by Wednesday evening the 29th so that I have time to pack them up for the flight.   Thanks for looking.

Gary Lange  gwlange(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Melanotaenia parva – Kent Webster and I were the first ones to bring this fish to North America.  If it had a nickname it would be the Sunkist rainbowfish as it’s as bright as an orange!  Medium size fish, max size around 3 inches.     1.5 inch fish trio for $21, 4 groups available.

Melanotaenia synergos – formerly known as Mel species “Batanta Island”.  Gets around 3.5 inches.  ~1.5 inch unsexed.  6/$48 – Three groups available. 

Melanotaenia sexlineata – no location.  I picked up a few pairs of these in Europe but decided that I liked my location variety from Tabubil better.  Nice,  full grown fish ~ 3 inches.    $30/pair, one pair available

Melanotaenia boesemani “Lake Aytinjo” – Heiko recollected boesemani several years ago and got this one from Lake Aytinjo.  It seems like it’s just a bit smaller but it brighter in color than many of the original ones.  The photo below is one of the parents. Fish are about 1-1.5 inch, unsexed 6/$48, ONLY ONE GROUP LEFT

Melanotaenia species “Blue Hole” – NEW SPECIES!  I first brought these back in 2005 thinking that they were a nice color-form of Melanotaenia affinis.  A few people got them as affinis “Bongo” or species “Bongo”, but not many.  However after DNA analysis it turns out that they are a new species.  Final size is 4+ inches so in the larger rainbowfish category. ~2inches,)  $30pr One maybe two pairs available.


Glossolepis ramuensis –  These fish are adults but not quite full grown.  They are 2.5 inches and breeding.
Max size ~ 3.5 inches so one of the smaller Glossolepis.  2 pr/$50, two groups available.

Melanotaenia trifasciata – Goyder River, they get to about 4 inches in size. Need to cull my group.  These are 2.25-2.5 inches producing viable eggs.   $30/pair , Five pairs available, would suggest getting at least two pr.  Shown below, one of the males in my breeding group. 

Melanotaenia monticola – A very rare rainbowfish from mountain streams.  Best kept at 70-72 degree F.  These get to about 3.5 inches.  1.5-2 inches unsexed 6/$80, two groups available.

Melanotaenia parkinsoni – American “orange strain” – This one has been around the US for a while but you have to be careful as a lot of the fish in the stores now are crosses.  When these guys get about 2 years old you’ll know why they are your favorite fish.  Sorry I don’t have a better photo to show you how nice they really look.  They get brighter and better with age!  ~1.5-1.75”  1 male, 3 females, $24. One group available.  SOLD OUT

Glossolepis dorityi (Zigzag rainbowfish) – F-1’s – Soon to be extinct in the wild.  We collected this fish from Lake Nenggwambu in 2008.  Heiko had listed this lake incorrectly as Kali Biru, which is the stream that flows out of it.  In four hours of fishing we only caught 40 fish as the introduced snakeheads were destroying the rainbowfish in this tiny lake.  Great fish, very red, gets to 4+ inches. ~1.5-2 inches.  Trio/$24, 4 groups available. 

Melanotaenia species – “Pianfon” – NEW SPECIES!  One of the first times offered!  When we first collected these in 2010 we thought they were a colorful Chilatherina lorentzi.  However after DNA analysis it was determined that they were indeed a brand new undescribed species.  Fish are about 1.75- 2”.   One male, 5 females /$120.


Also check out

Melanotaenia species “Dekai” – The Golden Rainbowfish – This fish is in the maccullochi/papuae family so it doesn’t get real big.  When we caught this fish in 2010 we knew right away it was something very special.  It is currently being described.  They get probably max size of 3 inches.  These are already producing viable eggs.  These fish recently went for $250 for three pairs on Aquabid, check it out under closed auctions, rainbowfish.
Three Pairs /$180. Two groups available.

Melanotaenia species “Rawarra Village” – This fish hails from the Bird’s Head portion of West Papua.  We brought it back with us in 2010.  It gets a fairly large size (4+ inches) and has a sizeable ego, give it room so that the non-alpha males have a hiding spot.  It’s a toss up sometimes between this fish and the golden rainbowfish, which one I like best.  When this male is shining in the morning or warning other males to stay out of his territory he is out of sight!  I have a feeling that this fish will even top the golden rainbowfish auction.
6 unsexed fish 1-1.5 inches $120 ONLY TWO GROUPS LEFTTwo Pairs, spawning size ~ 2 inches/$180. Three groups available

In Warning mode

Chilatherina fasciata – Pagai F-1
Pictured below are four of the males that I am selling.  Unfortunately my lone female from this group died this summer while vacationing in my pond with the boys.  All of the sunshine and algae got them back to the original colors that we saw on their parents when we first captured them.  You can see the extra golden colors in the first two shots that came about from being outside.  Their indoor colors, displayed in the last two shots is certainly worthy too.  Their colors change as their mood changes.  These boys are right about 4 inches and should top out at about another inch based on other locations of Chilatherina fasciata that I’ve had in the past.  I would suggest a large tank,75 gallons or larger as they would be a great centerpiece in a planted tank.  I would rather not break them up as they are really stunning as a group.  4 for $125.

Oryzias woworae – the WowWee Ricefish There is a reason that they call these WOW WEE’s as they look like a neon rainbowfish with a bright blue body color and nice red fins.  Not quite captured in these images but if you know the fish you know they are cool. 
6 unsexed fish (1/2-3/4”)      $24      Three groups available
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Wednesday night (Feb 29th) is the last night to pre-order these rainbowfish for delivery to the meeting only.  I need to have time to pack them up for the flight.

Many groups have already been taken but there are still others available. 
If you are interested email me right away.  Thanks for looking.

Gary Lange  gwlange(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

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I don't have free tank space for any, but I just wanted to mention what beautiful fish and a well put together for sale post! Sorry it doesn't help move any, but should I run into anyone looking for rainbows I'd definitely send them your way.
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I wanted some of these so bad Melanotaenia boesemani “Lake Aytinjo to bad I have to work 14hours and have to miss what would have been my first meeting and biding on some of the eggs  ..

Ugh some times i hate work... o i mean always.....

Any one need a young guy, with a BA Business From eastern Michigan university lol....  Salary 50k+, willing to travel and very handy with fish lol....