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Michigan Cichlid Association Winter Auction January 19th
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:41:04 PM »

The Michigan Cichlid Association will be holding our Winter Auction Saturday January 19th, 2013

Auction day registration 9-10:30 AM and the auction will start at 11am and run until we're done.

Our auction is now being held at:

UFCW Local 876  - Madison Place
876 Horace Brown Dr
Madison Heights, MI
(off 13 Mile Road , 1 block east of I-75, south on Montpelier to end)

This auction features CICHLIDS, CATFISH, and PLANTS!
We will be allowing up to 10 bags of catfish and up to 10 bags of plants per seller on a trial basis!

We will also be spot checking fish for size, proper bagging, etc. upon check in!

Admission is FREE - you don't have to be a member to buy or sell.

Sellers:  pre-register on or before the Wednesday prior to the auction and save the late registration fee
contact Marty Ruthkosky
(586) 739-1286  (before 9 PM)
or by email (recommended)
When registering; we need your name, address, and approximate number of bags you expect to bring, and a contact number.

For more info contact Auction Chairperson:  Tony Golembiewski  (248) 982-3576
or Marty Derenge (586) 524-4740

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Re: Michigan Cichlid Association Winter Auction January 19th
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 01:58:46 AM »
PLEASE NOTE~Read all rules carefully as there have been changes made.

Auction day registration period is from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.  Auction Start:  11:00 AM until all items are sold.

1.   You need not be a member of the Michigan Cichlid Association (MCA) to buy or sell fish.

2.   We will be accepting CICHLIDS, CATFISH, AND LIVE PLANTS.  Sellers will be LIMITED TO TEN (10) catfish and TEN (10) LIVE PLANT items (bags).  NO EQUIPMENT OR DRY GOODS.

3.   There is a LIMIT OF 50 items per person, including catfish and live plants(see #2).  Additional items will be returned to the seller or considered donations to the MCA.

4.   A SELLER LETTER will be assigned by THE PRE-REGISTRATION CHAIR at the time of registration.   Sellers who register using their own seller letter designations (initials etc.), without prior confirmation with the THE PRE-REGISTRATION CHAIR, will risk losing their auction proceeds.

5.   No hybrids or crosses (2 different genus or species) are allowed. This includes, but not limited to, flowerhorns, O.B Peacocks, and O.B "Haplochromines" from Lake Malawi.  Auction Chairperson reserves the right to refuse any fish that may be questionable.

6.   Each item must contain a single species - no multiple species per bag allowed.  If multiple species are found to be bagged together,  it will be considered a donation to the MCA.

7.   ALL ITEMS MUST BE PROPERLY LABELED:  Sellers name, phone number, name of fish, number of fish in bag and sex of fish (if known).

8.   PROPER FISH BAGS MUST BE USED:  Fish must be properly bagged with ample air and water. Auction Chairperson may reject any item(s) not meeting these criteria.  No baggies or seal-a-meal bags will be allowed.  Large fish need to be put into buckets or styros.

9.   There is a limit of (5) bags of fish, per species or color morph, for each person registering fish.


11.   A one-dollar ($1.00) charge per bag will be assessed for any re-bagging. (i.e. leaking, too small a bag, lack of air or adult males and females of the same species bagged together).

12.   SIZE LIMIT OF THE FISH THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED:  Any type of Dwarf cichlid MUST be a 3/4 inch minimum; and all others MUST be a 1 inch minimum.  PLEASE NOTE~The Auction Chairperson will reject ALL items not meeting this size limitation as not fit for sale.

13.   Sellers Items may be designated with a minimum (reserve) bid for a $5.00 fee per item.  Contact the Auction Chair for further instructions at the auction.

14.   All items become strictly the buyers responsibility once they are purchased.  The MCA assumes no responsibility after that time.

15.   No item will sell for less than $1.00.

16.   No fish or item may be removed from the auction by the registrant once it has been registered.  This can only be done by the Auction Chairperson.

17.   Any item unsold or unclaimed after the close of the auction becomes the property of the MCA.

18.   The Michigan Cichlid Association will not be responsible for any personal injury that might occur during the auction or on the site where the auction is held.

19.   REGISTRATION FEES:  (A) Pre-registration until 6:00 P.M. on the Wednesday preceding the auction is free.  Labels must be picked up by the seller during the registration period on the day of the auction.  (B) A late registration fee of $5.00 per seller will be assessed for sellers that register after the time stated above (A) and during the registration period on the day of the auction.

20.   Seller's auction proceeds will be mailed within two weeks. A $0.50 charge will be deducted from the sellers' proceeds for mailing.

21.   AUCTION SPLIT:  Michigan Cichlid Association will retain the first $1.00 of the sale price of item plus 20% of the sale price exceeding the first $1.00.

22.   Sellers registering after 10:30 A.M. EST on the day of the auction will be allowed to register until 11:00 A.M. EST at a reduced seller split of 50% after the first $1.00 of the item sale price as stated above (21).  No registration after 11:00 A.M. EST.

23.   All items brought to the auction for sale must be placed on the inspection table in the auction room before 11:00 A.M. EST, regardless of the time of registration.

24.   All purchases must be paid for in U.S. Currency.

25.   Sellers are required to bring all items to the check-in table PRIOR to being put on tables.

26.   A priority fee of $2.00 can be paid to bring any item to the front of the line. The fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the selling price.

AUCTION CHAIRPERSON: Tony Golembiewski (248)982-3576